Puppies, the next generation of Cruiser' s
Sidney above with a Cruiser's puppy.  
She decided she should name it Dalmatian...a child's imagination never ends!
Cruiser's Previous Litters:
2015 Ema/Ranger Litter
2015 Farmer/Benelli Litter
2014 Ema/Ranger Litter
2013 Darlin'/Playar Litter

2013 Rivka/Copper Litter
2013 Darlin'/Zeke Litter
2012 Darlin'/Sam Litter
2012 Darlin'/McKinley Litter
2011 Star/Sam Litter
2011 Star/Remington Litter
2011 Darlin
'/Sam Litter
2010 Star/Tok Litter
2009 Mikki/Hunter Litter
2009 Star/Major Litter
2008 Mikki/Hunter Litter
2005 Bell/Ralph Litter
2004 Bell/Ralph Litter
We are pleased to welcome the
arrival of the E
ma (Cruiser's Green With
Envy of a Star RN CA
) & Ranger (CH
Ranger Leads the Way JH) NFC
Central (old school)

Whelped: November 25, 2015

Going to Forever Homes: January 23, 2015

There is currently one female available.
**Choosing to add a puppy to your family is a big decision and not one to be made
lightly.  We would be happy to discuss the breed with you and if we feel we do not
have a puppy that will fit your needs, we would be happy to refer you to someone
that either has a puppy for your timing or we think may be a better fit for you.**