Wanted: A fun loving guy who enjoys the outdoors,
hunting and traveling. He must be a hard worker
who can drive to dog shows on the weekends.
Please send photo of dog.

OK, so this doesn’t totally describe me, but it is
probably a lot more realistic than I'd care to
acknowledge. I’m Jill Hoffbeck and I am the
quarterback of this crazy world we’ve come to
know as Cruiser's Vizslas.

My home
currently consists of four lovely red-heads
and myself. Radar started this ride, and I
would not have wanted it any other way. I have
been owned and loved by him since February 14th, 2001. If there is a way to
describe the ideal first Vizsla, it would be Radar. It was a bumpy ride for me
personally from the time he was a year to about 18 months old, but he always
made it feel comfortable and happy at home with a wagging tail and sloppy
 Although Radar is no longer with his, his legacy lives on.

Radar is the start of what I hope to be a long line of Cruiser’s dogs. Thanks to my
breeder and friend, Jim Moller, for a wonderful line of dogs and the first Cruiser’s
bitch Trisha. There are times when I don’t know if I should thank or strangle Jim.
His suggestion to show Radar has totally changed my life.

A special thanks also needs to be sent to Linda Kelly, she showed me that there
were more to dogs shows than what was in the Twin Cities area, to Jessica
Vetter, great travel companion, shoulder to lean on and competitor, and Kym
Fisher, for all the extra encouragement along the way and helping me learn what
true friends are all about. Who would have thought that over a few short years I’d
meet so many unforgettable people, all because of a red dog.  It also helps to
have wonderful mentors like Kathy Engelsman of JNEK's Vizslas.  She always
has a listening ear, no matter what my concern or question and she always helps
me see that things could be worse.  I could not have made a better friend.

Since I've started breeding, I've had the wonderful opportunity to have a co-breeder
in Eva Phillippi.  Her wonderful eye, soft hands and honest evaluations have
helped us keep the best of what could be .  She is often seen at the end of the
lead on a Cruiser's dog with her expert guidance piloting them to the front of the
pack.  I know very few people are lucky to have so many wonderful and talented
people involved in their litters.

I've also been fortunate to have co-bred/co-owned several dogs with Keith &
Donna Klawinski.  This has helped to round out what I look for in a breeding pair
and working dog, as Donna has been in Bassets for many years and Keith hunts
with all of his dogs.

About Cruiser's
Why Shooting Star? Radar proved to me one
Fall on a hot August afternoon that dreams can
come true. He proved you could take a
completely green handler and a 6-month old
puppy and work and work and finally shoot to
the top. At just over 2-years-old, Radar was
owner-handler to an International Best In Show.
Talk about a dream come true and Shooting for
the Stars.

The future of Cruiser's Vizslas is in the paws of
several new owners and dogs. Check back
often to see the Shooting Stars and all that they
have accomplished.  We look forward to sharing
our successes with you and welcome any
questions, inquiries or comments.