Grab Life By The Horns Litter Going Home 8 Weeks
It is amazing to think that these little bundles of joy are already 8 weeks old and ready to
go to their forever homes.  It was a sad and joyful, emotional weekend all in one.  Sad to
see the little ones start going home and joyful for their new owners.  At least I still have
a few left before heading home so I didn't have an empty nest all on one day.
Silver Boy, now "Zeus" Cruiser's Thunderbolt of the Stars, going home with Jean.
Pink Girl, now "Luna" Cruiser's Shoot for the Moon, going home with Jessica & Adam
Red Boy, now "Cooper" Cruiser's Iron Man Cooper, going home with Melissa & Jeff
Green Boy, now "Huck" Cruiser's Huckleberry Finn, going home with Mark, Katie & Becky
Purple Boy, now "Charlie", going home with
Sara & Chris
To make the weekend even more enjoyable,
Star came home after being gone over 2
months and being in the care of Jess &
Adam.  Although she loved her temporary
home, I am so thankful to have her back.  
Here Star is pictured with her temporary
family Jess, Adam and their newest addition
Blue Girl, now "Neko" Colby Cruiser's Red Ryder, going home with Luke & Emily
Black Girl, now "Piper" Cruiser's Piper the Landshark, going home with Megan & Simon
Orange Girl, now "Frida" going home with John & Peggy
Gold Girl, now "Darlin'" Cruiser's My Little Darlin',
going home with Belinda
Cruiser's Rusty Red Mikki
CH Cruiser's King of the Hunt JH