Mikki/Hunter Puppies Week 8 Going Home
Mikki and Hunter welcomed their little ones on
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

7 Boys
Red boy, now Bosco heads home to
Wisconsin with Frank and Teresa and
joins big sister Boca.
Orange boy, now Bodie heads to St. Paul to
join Dan and Jessica's home.
Yellow boy, now Brodie will be heading to
the new home in St. Louis Park with Jason
and Kristine.
Green boy, now Copper heads to the home
of Wayne, Jill and kids and is completely
Blue boy, now Victory heads to Wisconsin
with Rick and family.
Purple boy, now Reid is in Farmington
with Leah, Gene and ShyAnne and still
causing chaos wherever he goes!
White boy, now Dakota has joined the
Lonsdale household of Kristi, Derrek and
Kenzie.  He is in an extended household
from his mother and loves playing with her.