STARry Puppies Going Home
The Star and Major puppies going home to their
new Cruiser's families!  We have the best homes
out there and I am so excited about all of you.
Red  Girl now Olive
Cruiser's Olivine Bright As A Star
Owned by Scott, Jessica, Abbey & Sydney
Orange Boy now Ramzi
Owned by Aaron & Deirdre
Gold Girl now Boca
Cruiser's Star Over Del Boca Vista Phase II
Owned by Teresa & Frank
Purple Boy now Jaxon
Cruiser's Jaxon Northland Star
Owned by Donna & David
Green Boy now Elbe
Owned by Paul & Mary
Pink Girl now Piper
Cruiser's Wish Upon A Star
Owned by Jamie & Micah
Blue Boy now Duke
Owned by Rilye & Stephanie
Black Girl now Emarald (Ema)
Cruiser's Green With Envy of a Star
Staying here with Jill and momma Star.