CH Misty Moon's Woodbury Hunter VCD CD NAP NJP OA AXJ TD JH VM
Hunter is a wonderfully versatile Weimeraner that  gives his all in everything he does.  The
oldest in the Northland household, he puts up with what ever comes his way.  His friendly
temperament makes him a great ambassador for the breed.

When not enjoying tracking, you can often find Hunter in the agility ring, and out in the field.  
He is discovering he enjoys hunting in the field almost as much as he likes jumping in

Hunter made it a great Mother's Day by completing his Junior Hunter title with ease in not
so great conditions.  This was his fourth pass and fourth try with very impressive scores.  
With this title Hunter also earned his VM from the Weimaraner Club of America,  for
Versatile Master.  

This boy is quite a sight to watch in what ever he tries.

Hunter had a huge accomplishment in 2008, by earning his CD obedience title, he also
earned the AKC VCD title (Versatile Companion Dog).  This is only offered to dogs that
complete titles in certain areas of competition, not an easy thing to accomplish, especially
for such a young boy.  He truly excels!