Northland Weimaraners and Papillons
Northland is the home of Eva and Kevin Phillippi and a wonderful group of dogs.

It started with a weimaraner named Hunter, who got Eva interested in the conformation
ring.  He also got Kevin started in agility and has proven to be an excellent tracker and bird
dog also.

Lily joined the Northland family soon after from the infamous Silversmith Kennels in South
Carolina.  Her elegant style and looks have been something to sit up and take notice of
whether it is in the conformation ring or the agility ring.  

Some dogs smaller in statute, but large in heart have become the newest members of
Northland.  Fly, a papillon from Marric's Papillons in Nebraska lead the Phillippi's on a new
adventure, grooming and stacking on a table.  How quickly they have gotten that down and
what a dent they have made in the toy ring.

The most recent addition to the family is Bandit, and well one look at him explains why he
was named and what the future holds for him.