Cruiser's Red Sonja RN CD
I am so proud of what Sonja has accomplished as a young dog.  She earned both
her RN and CD by 18 months of age.  Her willingness to work with Ron shows so
much in both the obedience and confirmation ring.

When Willow joined her family, Sonja was a great bog sister showing her the
ropes in how to work their owners.  If there is a contest on owners that spoil their
dogs, Ron and Yvonne would be near the top.

As she ages, Sonja reminds me more and more of her father.  Her beautiful
movement is the thing that I could watch all day with Radar and is true of Sonja
Date of Birth: February 14, 2009
AKC # SR553118/03
DNA V566339
OFA too young
Wither Height:
Major Pointed Toward AKC Championship