Cruisers ShootingStr Artemis CGC
Missy has been working really hard on learning how to become a big dog. She has
completed Level 1 and 2 Obedience and currently working in Rally O. She loves going
to the dog park and running wild and free. It is truly a treat having a vizsla in our home.

Missy started to show for breed being handled by Jill. We hope to become a champion
to fall in line with the rest of the cruiser dogs. Missy got stuborn and asked for Suzanne
to handle her in the show ring so we are still working with the other Cruisers to be a top

Suzanne  first learned of the vizsla breed when a vizsla came into her friend’s home.
She always wanted a dog with red hair to look like her, funny how people look like their
dogs. Well this is the perfect dog for her and her family. Missy’s name was picked out
long before we found the litter to pick from. Her name is Artemis as many of you know
she is the goddess of the hunt. Suzanne likes to hunt birds, so does my dog. We like to
swim in the lake and so does our dog. We also are very good at lying on the couch and
watching Animal Planet or other good shows. Missy has been such a great joy in my
family we are meeting new people, trying new things and bragging about our
successes. I am so glad I am a part of this breed. Missy is such a great sport when it
comes to trying on clothes to entertain my kids, and she is also very helpful in the
kitchen, quick to pick up anything I drop on the floor or the occasional unauthorized food
sampling from the counter. Missy has been inventing new games for us to play like
guess which hole I buried your dinner in or chase me I have something in my mouth I
shouldn’t. I find I look forward to ending my work day knowing she is home waiting for
me with a happy face and affection.

Many club members say you can’t own just one of these dogs but with having an older
mixed breed in the house that is the way it is for now. I enjoy watching how dogs
socialize and interact with people and other dogs. I do think our dogs are prejudice
though if we go to the dog park and there is another vizsla there that is who they pick to
play with, no other dog can exist if they are two red heads in the park. So hug your dog
and tell them you love them, they listen very well when they want to.
Date of Birth: August 12, 2004
AKC #SR195712/06
DNA V362728
OFA VZ- 9937F24F-PI
Wither Height: 22"
Pointed for AKC Championship