CH Cruiser's Rusty Red Mikki
Mikki is from the repeat of Radar and Winnie and I was thrilled to get back in touch
with an old friend who wanted to have her.  Mikki was been so easy to show, her
flawless movement and effortless angles make it easy for the judges to point her

Living with Kari Richardson and her son Cole, Mikki has been the perfect addition
to their family.  Growing up with Vizslas, Mikki reminds Kari of some of her favorite
pets growing up.  Now we get the joy of watching Mikki grow up and passing on all
of hr best qualities to her puppies.

While showing, Mikki has also enjoyed being a juniors dog for Makenzie.  These
two ended 2010 as the #4 Junior handling a Vizsla.

To see Mikki's get, click here:  
Mikki's Get
Date of Birth: November 17, 2005
AKC #SR310294/05
Wither Height: 22"
AKC Bench Champion
Finished with 3 majors