Cruiser's Minor Comsumption
The Flaskerud family had waited almost two years to add a second dog to their
family while it grew with human children.  Now that they are set with Erik and Maya,
it was time for Kato to come home.

And what great timing it has been.  Waiting and knowing that I will only place the
right puppy with them, Kato came home right before the holidays in 2011.  Out of
Star and Sam, he was already a special boy.  

As Kato heads through his puppy stages, we are all thrilled at watching him
mature and grow into the dog that he will become.  He listens, reacts and low and
behold sometimes even stands still!  Already on birds, Kato has proven that you
are never to young to appreciate a good covey of birds.  Below, see Kato and
trainer Dale Meier on a little afternoon bird experience.

Although human mom Keri may have lost out to Craig on Kato's call name, she
won out on his registered name, which falls into the Last Last Call litter.
Date of Birth: September 29, 2011
AKC #SR710491/07
OFA too young
Wither Height

5 month old Kato with trainer Dale Meier.