CH Cruiser's Jaxon Northland Star CGC
Jaxon has quickly proven himself as "Practically Perfect" in every way for owners
David & Donna Clemenson.  He has been a joyful addition to their household
since the day he walked in.

Donna has been working hard at training Jaxon for an obedient future.  At just over
6-months old he achieved his Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  Jaxon, like his
mother, is quick to learn new jobs and is more than happy to show you how he
can do it.  He has been slowly, but successfully, getting his older sister Carerra to
start playing and tugging with him.  A major accomplishment in itself.

We are thrilled that Jaxon has earned his Bench Championship.  He will get back
into the Obedience and Rally rings with owner Donna and maybe we may even
see some Agility in this wonderful boys future.
Date of Birth: February 20, 2009
AKC # SR553635/06
DNA V570113
Wither Height:
Best of Breed from the classes
Bred By Exhibitor Group 1 WInner
2011-12 Eukanuba Invitational Invitee