CH Cruiser's King of the Hunt JH
Hunter has the lucky opportunity to be able to spend half of his time out on the
farm with the Milbrand’s, Brian, Traci, Megan and especially Mason, along with his
mother Bell, and half time with other relatives here at Cruiser’s Vizslas. If you ever
want to hear any ‘Boy and his Dog’ stories, just sit down with a tall cold one with
Mason, boy has he got the stories to tell.

Hunter is from a repeat breeding of Bell and Ralph (BIS VBISS BISS CH Jnek’s
King Ralph JH ROM). Like his sister Star before him, Hunter has the classic
Cruiser’s look and movement. One thing that he also goes above and beyond is

I love all of the dogs that are part of or have passed through here, from litter
mates, to dogs that are bring bred or shown. All of them have special memories
and special places in my heart. Until Hunter though, I have never understood what
it is to truly “Believe” in a dog.

I know Hunter is not everyone’s cup of tea, at 25” he stands above what the
standard calls for as ideal, and when he walks with all of his confidence showing,
he appears even taller. Although some may fault him for his height, muscular
build, or loving attitude, what I see in him goes far beyond what any other dog has
shown me.

If dogs can wear emotions on their sleeve, Hunter does that day in and day out.
From going on his outings with Mason, to going to shows with Jill, to going
hunting with Brian, you can always tell just what Hunter is thinking. It didn’t take
long to realize that he truly believes he was put on this earth to make people
smile, laugh and especially pet him. His tail never stops wagging when he sees
people because he knows everyone is in for a good time.

Getting his loving heart and affection (plus non-stop tail wagging) from his mother,
you can see that his confidence has come from his father. Ralph is another one of
those type of dogs that are easy to believe in. With Ralph, there has been no aging
gracefully, he doesn’t know age! As he’s entered his veteran years, he has stayed
his solid, secure and confident self. His gives it his all no matter what the event or
competition. This is an area that Hunter also excels at.

it is hard to say what the future holds for Hunter. One thing I know is that whatever
he attempts, whatever he tries and whatever room he enters, I will believe in him
and his confidence will shine through.  As his children start to age, it is also
simple to see that he has also excelled at throwing himself in his breedings also.
Date of Birth: June 1, 2005
Date of Death: November 18, 2009
AKC #SR269531/03
DNA V484058
OFA VZ-10341G24M-PI
Wither Height: 25"
Hunter finishes his Championship under
Judge Lawrence Libeau.
Hunter at Jill after qualifying
for 2 JH legs.
Hunter and his sire Ralph at the 2006
Nationals in Delaware.

2009 Twin Cities Vizsla Club Stud Dog Winner

Four straight passes for JH

Eukanuba Qualifier / Competed 2008