CH Cruiser's Allstar Red Dirt Road
Clay is enjoying his life as an honorary Allstar Dalmatian in Indiana with Brad,
Laurel and Logan Allen. Although Jill misses him tremendously, she knows he is
in a super home and is getting a lot of love and attention. Hopefully he will
remember what his dad taught him about how to be a Vizsla being around all
those spotted dogs.

At home, Clay has been enjoying being trained by Brad and being able to go to
work with him and have the opportunity to learn about birds. He gets along very
well with his Dalmatian family of Reggie, Bala, Angel, Cupid and Secret. His size
is just a little smaller than his father , but you'd never know it if you ask him. He
thinks just like the big dog that he is growing into.

Clay was whelped August 12, 2004 from Winnie Pooh Von Star. His dad is
Cruiser's own, Int'l BIS AM/Can/Int'l Ch Trisha Cruiser's Radar RN CGC. Clay was
the first littermate from this litter to earn his championship, which he did in June of
2006.  With this win, he also became Radar's first Champion.  A first that will never
be forgotten.  Brad and Clay have been receiving nice compliments from judges
all over. Keep up the great work boys!

Clay is available at stud to select bitches.  Please contact Jill if you are interested
in more information on this Cruiser's boy.
Date of Birth: August 12, 2004
AKC #SR195712/07
OFA VZ-10053G26M-PI  
Wither Height: 23"
Clay as a puppy with daddy Radar.
Owner Brad winning with Clay.
Clay hanging out in Oklahoma.