Cruiser's Cinnamon Stick
"Cinnamon aka CJ"
Cinnamon, also known as CJ (Cinnamon Johnson) is the first vizsla for the Johnson
family.  Shane and LeAnn couldn't be more happier than to have her as an addition to
their family.  

So far she has proven very smart in her puppy and agility classes and we look forward
to what the future holds for this Missy and Bryce daughter.  CJ is already busy training in
agility where she shows a great future in.  Look for her to tear up the agility ring in the
future once training has gone a litter further.  She's also been busy training in
obedience and conformation.  

The summer of 2008 CJ left for the great state of Wisconsin for some bird training.  We
hope she doesn't get too use to the Packer's, although she will enjoy all of the John
Deere's.  Now that training is finished, we look forward to CJ running in some hunt tests
next Spring.  This is a multi talented girl!

2009 started out with another addition to the Johnson family, CJ has been joined by
humna brother Graham.
Date of Birth: July 12, 2007
AKC #SR436252/07
Pointed towards AKC Championship
Shane, LeAnn and Cinnamon Johnson
Friend Carol Phelps came to Minnesota for a quick trip.  CJ got to meet her Aunt Vela, her sire's sister.  
Vela is picture far right, on the far left is Vela on the left and CJ on the right and the middle is Carol and Sandy with Vela and CJ and Manda looking on.