CH Cruiser's Anyone For Bosco CGC
Delta Therapy Dog
Bosco is a sweet loving boy that took the Vizsla world by storm in so many ways.  
Living in the best home in Wisconsin, Bosco joins older sister Boca at Teresa and
Frank's home.  

Bosco is out of the repeat breeding of Mikki and Hunter.  He easily converted his
home into loving the boys as much as the girls.
  He loves doing Therapy work,
which can be seen in his many visits.  The best was when a young boy afraid of
dogs was petting Bosco by the end of visit because of his easy manner.

Uncle Bosco enjoys meeting people, exploring, getting love and playing with Boca
and being the best Uncle there is

And as for his name, does anyone know what George's PIN was in Seinfeld?
Date of Birth: September 15, 2009
AKC # SR583158/01
Wither Height: 23 1/2
Delta therapy dog