Cruiser's Red Corundum
Ruby is Missy's first daughter and first born.  She is a special girl, named after the
work her owner does, which also is her birthstone and the color she was given as
a puppy.  Ruby's future has been a gem from the second she was born.

Within weeks of owning Ruby, Adam declared "Vizslas Rock!"  Both he and Jess
have more than loved having Ruby as the first official new member of their family.  
The Hoffman family has truly enjoyed welcoming Ruby into their home and
learning about the breed.  They have on several occasions welcomed Grandpa
Radar and Cousin Timber into their home for some good spoiling time.  Ruby
loves bring around her family.

It was a thrill that Ruby received her first points towards her bench championship
in Adam's hometown of Dubuque, Iowa.  I don't know if it is her wonderful attitude
or the home town crowd cheering for her, but she wowed the judges!

Of the many firsts that Ruby achieved, I am devastated by her also being the first to
pass away.   After an accident, Ruby began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge
while they were working on repairing her leg.  In the short amount of time that
Ruby was with us she filled a lot of empty space with love, laughter and smiles.  
Ruby never met a stranger, it didn't matter if it was people or dogs.  She lived life to
the fullest everyday and made it easy to smile.  Recently, her favorite place to relax
was in the window lounging in the sunshine and being able to look for the birds
that flew by.

Safe journey dear Ruby, you brought a lot of joy in a little time and you will be hard
to forget and always remembered with a smile and a tear.
Date of Birth: July 12, 2007
Date of Death: April 30, 2008
AKC #SR436252/02
Wither Height: puppy
Pointed for AKC Championship
June 23, 2008

It's been almost two months since Ruby left us for a better place.  Why we are given such a wonderful
gift for such a short amount of time I will never understand.  This weekend I missed Ruby more than
ever.  I could feel her with us everywhere we went, in the look of every dog I saw and see her smiling at
all of the people.  I would have though that with her being gone for this long I would have been more
used to her being away, but this past weekend I missed her more than anything.  

Ruby, I know they are enjoying you in heaven as much as we did here on Earth, but it really leaves a hole
that you had to leave so soon.  This hole aches for the sweet girl that you are.  Hopefully the days,
months and years ahead will get easier, but in the short term, it's not.