CH Cruiser's Savory Olive Souffle ala Tok JH
Olive lives in Denver with Caryle and her lab sister.  She was one of the hardest
puppies for me to place, not because of her awesome home, but because I really
thought I should have kept her.  We called her Polly Pocket as a puppy because of
her size and attitude!  I will never regret putting her with Caryle, as she has got to
experience so much with her and has the best life!

Olive is a beautiful combination of all that is good in her pedigree, she has
wheels, a nose that doesn't stop and beautiful lines moving and standing still.  
She is close to her sire Tok and gets to run and hit the field with him often.  She
loves it when her Pappa Tad pulls in to take her on another journey.
Date of Birth: May 30, 2010
AKC #SR633633/06
OFA too young
Wither Height:
CH at 14 months old
Multiple JH legs
2011-12 Eukanuba Invitational Invitee