Diamond Cruiser 5280's Reap What You Sow RN JH OA OAJ CA CGC
Karma lives the life of luxury in Denver with co-owners Marc & Jenny.  Although Jenny
would like her to be a Princess, she quickly has proven that she has more tom boy in
her than tiara!

Karma has proven at a young age that she has what it takes.  She earned points toward
her Championship her first weekend out as a puppy, has taken a Puppy Sporting Group
2, a Best of Opposite Sex in the Twin Cities Vizsla Club Sweepstakes and also earned
a major.  (We won't mention all of the reserves she's already been graced with.)

She has proven she as polished in the field as she is in the show ring.  Karma earned
3 JH legs as a puppy and came back strong that fall to earn her JH.  Plus, she put these
legs on with different handlers, showing just how Versatile this girl is!

Once turning two, Karma expanded her event arenas.  She has trained for and is now
running agility.  She also earned the legs towards her Coursing Ability title, looking like
a true sight hound. Karma became the first female Vizsla in history to earn this title.
Most recently, Karma earned her Rally Novice title which added to the alphabet soup at
the end of her name.

Date of Birth: July 23, 2009
AKC #SR585320/03
Wither Height 21"
Major Pointed Towards AKC Championship
First female Vizsla in History to earn her CA
Karma rocks the Cursing Ability tests, putting sight hounds to shame.  Here
she shows what a Vizsla can do!  Go Girl!!


Here's Karma's second CA leg run!