Group Placing
CH Cruiser's My Little Darlin'
Darlin' lives the life of luxury with Jana, Bailey and Sidney.  The girls truly believe
that she was placed in their lives for complete spoiling.  When she is not being
dressed up, being threatened with polished nails or snuggling up close to one of
them, she enjoys looking and listening for birds.  

It was an odd twist of fate that brought Darlin' back into our lives, she was from the
first litter of Mikki and Hunter and completely exemplifies all the best qualities of
both of them.  Returning to us at 18 months, going to the home she is in was just
another plush for her.  Who wouldn't want to be some where that they compete to
spoil her the most?

Bailey can often be seen in the Junior Showmanship ring with Darlin' at the end of
the lead.  This is such a beautiful site to watch!
Date of Birth: August 4, 2008
AKC # SR18348/03
DNA V578758
OFA VZ-11943E25F-VPI
Wither Height: 22"
Group Placing
Several Best of Breed from the classes