CH Cruiser's King Copper of EP
Copper is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever come across. Every time her
comes to stay with me I threaten to not return him.  From my first breeding, Copper
exudes all that's good in his parents.

From his temperament to his confirmation, to his love life attitude, all it takes a few
minutes to see that Copper is the type of dog that you see and want to take home.

Living in Eden Prairie, Copper is living the life of a spoiled boy and loving it.  His
oldest goes away to college this fall, which will leave a little hole for him I'm sure,
but also will bring him new possibilities.

Copper did not enter the show ring until well after his 6th birthday.  Now, as he
enters Veterans stage, he is close to finishing his Champion.  It is so much fun
and I've had so much joy presenting this beautiful boy!
Date of Birth: April 24, 2004
AKC # SR172239/08
OFA  VZ-11753G71M-VPI
Wither Height: