Princess Bell
So positive in what Bell could accomplish, Jill leased her the winter of 2003 for a
breeding with BIS VBISS BISS CH JNEK'S King Ralph JH ROM. Bell and Ralph’s
litter was whelped April 24, 2004 and consisted of 3 girls and 4 boys. They are all
great companions at home. This was such a beautiful litter that it had to be
repeated. Three fabulous puppies were born on June 1, 2005. Hunter and Piper
are being spoiled rotten! Our thoughts go out to Bailey's family who lost him in an
accident just before he turned one.

I have been truly blessed to have Bell in my life. She makes things always seem
brighter and her tail wagging always makes you feel at ease. I have spent hours
with her on the couch relaxing and feeling like things are great. She has a calming
effect that I have rarely felt around others. Bell is someone to be proud of and I am
forever thankful that my first litter as a breeder came from her. Thank you is not
enough to Brian and Traci Milbrand for letting me be a part of Bell's life, also
thanks to Jeff & Kathy Engelsman of JNEK's vizslas for believing in Bell the same
way I believe in her and knowing what great things she holds.

Although Bell will never hold the titles that her get hold, she is a great specimen of
the breed and will hunt all day for Brian.  Bell lives out on a farm where she rules
the roost day in and day out, always having a job to do.  Every once in awhile she
comes and spends time with me so she can be spoiled rotten.  Bell is loved and
spoiled rotten daily  by Brian, Traci, Megan and Mason Milbrand.

Bell's get can be seen here:  
Bell's Get`
Date of Birth: February 14, 2001
AKC #SN810448/06
DNA V394088
OFA VZ- 8408G32F-PI
Wither Height: 23"
Major Pointed for AKC Championship
Bell with Megan and Mason and Traci
holding Molly.